Aluminum Association Website Hosts New EPR Page, “Common Sense Policy for Common Sense Solutions”

With much discussion and debate about the role of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging materials in the U.S., one large trade association is working to educate its audience on the policy tool. The Aluminum Association now has a page on their website dedicated to EPR, and notes it as a ‘common sense policy for common sense solutions.’  Here are a few of the suggestions they have for municipalities when they are considering their support for EPR legislation:

1. EPR programs should incentivize increased recycling of more valuable materials in the recycling stream.

2. Recycling goals should be material-specific (separate goals for each material), and care should be taken to ensure that each material goal is comparable to those of competing materials.

3. Metrics should be more sophisticated than gross-weight measurements.

Click here to read more on EPR from the Aluminum Association

About the Aluminum Association:  The Aluminum Association is the industry’s leading voice in Washington, DC. It provides global standards, industry statistics and expert knowledge to member companies and policy makers nationwide. Highly engaged in public policy and technical forums, the Association is committed to advancing aluminum as the sustainable metal of choice around the world.