Recycling Reinvented Expanding Current Mission beyond EPR to Include Supportive Policies

Recycling Reinvented is expanding its mission. “At the beginning of the decade, no one thought too seriously about EPR for packaging,” says Paul Gardner, Recycling Reinvented’s Executive Director. “Today, everyone is talking about it. While not all stakeholders support EPR, everyone agrees that recycling rates need to go up. With that in mind, Recycling Reinvented is going to expand its policy focus beyond just EPR to other supportive policy areas.”

“Recycling Reinvented has built a network of the right contacts at state agencies and state legislatures during the last two years,” says Deputy Director Melissa Walsh Innes. “With the right coalition, we could see some big results during legislative sessions starting in 2015.”

Read more about the push for EPR, what other large-scale efforts have recently started up in this area, and which supportive policies Recycling Reinvented will pursue in the full press release found here.