Got Problems? Here’s How to Troubleshoot your Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes your vacuum cleaner might not work properly or might stop abruptly, this might be a cause for concern but before you panic, it is important that you determine the root cause of this abnormal behavior.

There is no need to involve a technician at this stage, you can simply follow a few steps to determine the issue and then try to solve it yourself. If it’s unsolvable, you can always buy a new one but make sure you read reviews first at websites like TopTenReviews and to buy the best one for your needs.

If you are looking to troubleshoot your vacuum cleaner, then just follow these steps:

Step 1: Check the basic parts

If your vacuum cleaner is troubling you and is not working properly, then you need to first check the vacuum bag or cylinder and see if it is full or not. If it is full then your vacuum cleaner won’t be able to suction in any dirt or dust.

So, you would need to clean it first by emptying the bag or the container and replacing the full bag with an empty bag.

Make sure that you change the bag before it gets full so that when you switch on the vacuum cleaner, there is not too much pressure on the motor to suction in the dirt.

Step 2: Check the suctioning power

If your vacuum cleaner is suctioning properly but is still unable to pick up any dirt or dust then you need to check the hose for any damages or clogging.

You will need to disconnect it from the vacuum cleaner and then check it for any holes or cracks. If you find them, then use a duct tape to fix it and if you find the hose blocked, then simply use a soap solution to clean it.

You can also use a stick or a broom handle to push inside the hose to remove the clogging. Once you have done this, reconnect the hose and then check your vacuum.

If it still doesn’t work, then check the brush and clean hair, and other items from the brush before you test it again.

Troubleshoot your Vacuum Cleaner 1

Step 3: Repair the broken parts

A lot of times the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work because it has a worn or damaged belt. In such cases, you need to unscrew the belt and inspect it properly. If you find it lose or damaged, then you need to replace it.

It is easy to replace it, all you have to do is take your brush out of the housing and slip off the belt before you insert a new one. Once this is done, check if your vacuum cleaner works now, if not then you need to pursue other troubleshooting steps.

Step 4: Turn on the Power

Another frequent reason for your vacuum cleaner not working consistently is the broken circuit that is present in the machine. So, to check this, you need to look at the fuses, and simply reset the fuse before you start the machine again.

If this happens a lot of times when there is one possibility that your circuit has too many appliances so you need to unplug a few.

Troubleshoot your Vacuum Cleaner 2