• Manufacturers can't get enough recycled glass,
    plastic, aluminum, steel and paper. We are
    burying valuable commodities in landfills.

  • Efficient recycling is an investment in our economy.
    It’s time to think: How can we improve recycling?

  • Private sector leadership is necessary to efficiently
    recycle more of our waste. Better recycling
    calls for a better solution. Recycling Reinvented
    supports the solution.

2014 Recycling Reinvented Study Shows Potential Significant Increase in Packaging Recycling

In a groundbreaking EPR for packaging study commissioned by Recycling Reinvented, the findings show that consumer recycling of packaging and printed paper would increase by 34% in the EPR model program, raising the recycling rate of the study state of Minnesota from increase of recycling rate from 46 to 61%!!! Please go to our Resource page for the full details of this first of its kind study in the U.S.

What’s wrong with recycling today?

Unfortunately, recycling in the United States is not meeting its potential. National recycling rates have not exceeded 34 percent, while other industrialized countries recycle twice that percentage. Recycling programs are inconsistent and vary in quality, allowing valuable resources to end up in landfills. Bottom line: We need to improve the system and EPR is the answer.

What is EPR?

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) model requires that brand owners of packaging and printed materials cover the cost of managing their product waste. EPR would increase recycling collection, reduce government spending, and use private sector efficiencies to reduce the overall cost of recycling.

Why EPR?

Our current recycling system is not keeping pace with supply and demand. Additional public funds to enhance and expand recycling are in short supply. EPR addresses issues of concern to all players from local government to consumers and offers a solution.

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